Robodock 2012

Robodock is back! After a two-years hiatus Robodock will present on Thursday 7th, Friday the 8th and Saturday 9th of June its last edition as a recurring festival. After this, Robodock will go on organizing ad hoc productions, seeking out collaborations in the Netherlands and beyond. After some spectacular editions at the NDSM-wharf, Robodock will return to the place where it all started: the ADM terrain. Once again it will return as the pre-eminent art and technology festival of the Netherlands, with its awe-inspiring kinetic sculptures, pyro-installations, absurdist acts, robots, live-music and DJ’s.

With the burn of the Fenix in 2010 Robodock did away with its old festival format. It was a symbolic gesture that heralded the rise of the firebird from the ashes in a new, transformed guise. With this edition the festival descents to the underworld, that is, to its home base and “ground zero” – the reason why only three big O’s are left in Robodock’s name. The event will be smaller, more intimate and underground. Most of all, it will be the fruit of an intensive collaboration between Robodock and the inhabitants of the ADM terrain.